Earn With Appinminute

     App In Minute is providing a huge earning opportunity at the cost of just Rs 1 per day and Rs. 5 per day only. Yes! It is absolutely true. Make Android Application and Website from the Appinminute DIY Tool and open the doors of massive earning from the four different channels of earning which are listed as follows :

1. Sell Products & Services by making Application & Website and earn

Sell Products & Services by making Application & Website and earn
  • Use the appinminute tool and make your application & website. Upload the information or data about your products and services and publish your android application & website on the Google Play Store and on the Internet respectively.

  • The vast range of customers on the internet will reach you rapidly through the application & website rather than coming to your office or shop physically.

2. Earn from In-App Advertising

Earn from In-App Advertising
  • Setup your Google Admob Account and use your application to display advertisements and earn from the clicks generated by the user on the advertisements.

  • As more and more users click on the ads, more earning will be made by you in your Admob Account.

3. Earn using APIM Store

Earn using APIM Store
  • Make your Application & Website and upload it on the App In Minute App Store i.e APIM Store. Everyone will download your application from APIM Store and buy your products accordingly.

  • Also, you can display your business advertisements in the App In Minute Store for a better marketing purpose.

4. Become App In Minute Reseller and gain massive earnings

Become App In Minute Reseller and gain massive earnings
  • Be a Reseller of App In Minute and help us in spreading our services in India and Worldwide and serve the society in a better way and with more and more customers making application & website through the reseller channel will gain more rewards and benefits accordingly from the App In Minute’s Reseller Plans.

  • Reseller plans are bifurcated in Platinum, Gold and Silver categories with varying benefits from the Application and Website making.

So don’t wait, start earning through Appinminute.

Having any doubts regarding the Reseller Plans or any other earning opportunity ?, feel free to contact us, we are here to help.